Managing Growth

More than ever, we need to be able to talk to one other at the community dinner table about how to handle development pressures, together In decades past, Gibsons neighbours knew each other, which we can make happen again. With community leadership we can retain our small-town character, enhancing happiness and safety as well. My “Managing Growth” plan will reassert full community “ownership” of our award-winning Official Community Plan:

Community Planning

  • Immediate Zoning Bylaw amendments for updated parking requirements, smaller homes, garden suites updates, and consideration of massing reductions.
  • Immediate financial planning for our need for pay 100% of policing costs when our population reaches 5,000 (which could be as soon as 2021).
  • Rework of the development process to make it less confrontational and more publicly transparent.
  • Update OCP to clarify language on form and character, and density.
  • Redesign of “Five Corners” as accessible, safe centre for pedestrian, car and cycling traffic of all ages.
  • Consideration of solar panels on Town buildings, electric vehicle and care-share expansion, and a home energy retrofits program.
  • Guided by public input, integration of road replacement/repaving into our annual asset management schedule.

Protecting and Enhancing our Natural and Heritage Assets

  • Continued growth of our Natural Assets Strategy locally and across the country.
  • Completion of continuous, accessible seawalk as part of the Foreshore Plan, and completion of Armours Beach swimming improvements.
  • Protection of heritage buildings including the “Stonehurst” Inglis home and unobstructed views from and to the water of Molly’s Reach.

Public Participation

  • Renewal of public input through inclusive, two-way community dialogues.
  • A guiding Strategic Plan co-created and embraced by Council, staff and community.
  • Promotion of local neighbourhood associations and discussions, i.e. Hillcrest road-allowance beautification, Parkland geothermal utility, and traffic monitoring/calming.
  • Process for citizen-initiated proposals and discussions.
  • Committees with members of the public, including greater role and recognition of Advisory Planning Commission.
  • Climate Change Conversations series led by citizen concerns, ideas and presentations.