Leadership & Advocacy

I have a very successful record of lobbying for provincial and federal support, including for the Gibsons Elementary rebuild, transportation improvements, homeless shelter, and upcoming supportive housing facility. Regionally, Gibsons can take a greater role working together with our partners at the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD). My “Leadership & Advocacy” plan may be ambitious, but much of it has already begun during my final year on Council:

Water and Waste / SCRD

  • Completion of aquifer water supply to entire Town, responding to impact of climate change/droughts on the SCRD’s Chapman system.
  • Regional water governance including storage of Chapman water, Tetrahedron Park protection and a responsible management plan for our precious Gibsons Aquifer.
  • Renewed approach to the SCRD as a platform for collaboration among jurisdictions, including through a long-overdue Regional Growth Strategy.
  • Commitment of Town garbage diversion from Sechelt landfill to over 60% over 2017 levels by May 2019, and challenge to the rest of the SCRD to reach the same goal.
  • Renewed support for a full Resource Recovery Centre in Gibsons as part of the SCRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Consideration of plastic straw, plastic bag and single-use container bans in alignment with Vancouver and Victoria.
  • Commitment to Zero Waste in the Town’s facilities, operations and community events.
  • Containment of SCRD taxation increases that have been as high as 13.69%.

Housing, Healthcare and Transportation Advocacy

  • Advocacy focus on healthcare to address bed shortages in our over-capacity regional hospital and expansion of non-profit Christenson Village.
  • Securing the $10 million in provincial capital funds, $1 million annual operational support and $500,000+ federal investment for supportive housing on School Rd.
  • Provincial push for expediting hourly BC Ferries service prior to current target of 2024, and implementation of a provincially subsidized passenger ferry service.
  • Transportation planning with SCRD and BC government, including safe lower bike route from Langdale, road improvements in Area E and consideration of bypass extension.
  • Explore the possibility with BC Transit for a Town-only small bus route connecting Upper and Lower Gibsons.

Culture and Recreation

  • Unprecedented recognition, inclusion and partnership of Squamish Nation.
  • Improvement of playing fields and extended ice season as local government priorities, including support for a new all-weather playing surface and junior ‘B’ hockey.
  • Further progress for Coast as international mountain-biking hub, including a new skills park in Gibsons area and start-up of a Coast-wide shuttle system.
  • Stronger micro-economic ties to Howe Sound region (Squamish, Bowen Island, Whistler) around the arts, tourism and recreation.
  • Work with Jackson Davies for public access to all episodes of The Beachcombers from CBC, for their cultural, historical and economic/tourism value to Gibsons.